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Zack Cimini's Portfolio

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

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BIS 301- In this class was when I learned more of a history of interdisciplinary studies and how it is just starting to become an offered degree throughout the country. Even at ASU it is a young program that is growing rapidly.

BIS 302-During this course is when the concepts learned in 301 where tied into doing a research paper. Mine was on online gambling amongst the youth. Collecting data with qualitative and quantitative methods was fun, and the presentation of my results really surprised my teacher.

BIS 401-This is the internship part of the interdisciplinary core classes. I was trying to do the abroad route but that did not work out. I am currently a little more than halfway done with this summer internship at Walmart, and it is going better than I anticipated.

BIS 402- This is where learning concepts outside of our own paradigms was taught. I think this was great as we are now going to break out into the real world, and employers do not want the random joe or jane all the time.

Experience outside of ASU: Volunteering

For around a half semester during my freshman year at Mesa Community College, a friend and I volunteered at a local elementary school. It was for first graders and the wild bunch was always stoked when they saw us in the classroom. The teacher loved us as well as by that time of day the class was as rowdy as ever. Going around and helping the kids do projects and little activities was a lot of fun, as they seem to always have loads of energy.

Three Personal Skills

Sports Writing: Since the age of 14 I’ve been doing freelance work on websites and for magazines involving sports writing. I do not want to cover for a team specifically as I do not want to have to travel and live on the road all year. Overall, I’ve had some great times with side jobs and freelance jobs over the last eight years. Having worked published in national magazine at age 15 was something I’ll never forget.

Podcasting: This is something that I began doing over a year ago. It’s a lot of fun recording content straight from your computer and having listeners tune in and hear your show. I’ve only done a handful but plan on doing more and more as time frees up for me. Making bold predictions and being able to have that recorded for playback happened several times last year, and serves as a memorable reminder to my partners.

Exercising: I’ve always been the type of person that likes to stay in shape. It relieves a lot of stress and is obviously great for your long term and short term health. By no means would I be a fitness freak or a personal trainer, but it’s just something that has turned into a hobby since high school. Exercising three to four times a week is my personal accomplishment.


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