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Zack Cimini's Portfolio
Course Work

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Course work for concentration areas of mass communication and small business. All coursework was completed at Arizona State University starting from the spring semester of 2006 through the summer of 2007.
Concentration: Mass Communication
MCO 120:Media and Society
JMC 270: Public Relations Techniques
MCO 494: Sports and Media
MCO 494: War and Media
MCO 473: Sex, Love/Romance in Mass Media
MCO 430: International Mass Communications
Skills Learned:
Global Face: The gap may be closing in a sense of many things globally to the United States, but in my International Mass Communications class we learned that countries are still a ways off. Everyone had to do country reports on that country's structure of communication. Compared to the United States none were really close in terms of usage of the internet, satellite, and watching television.
Public Relations: Most of my communication classes were tied into how a topic and media correlate. For my public relations class it was neat to come up with campaigns for fake companies and learn from actual examples of what public relations companies do. Handling and preparing for a disaster in a company is what makes or breaks a company. None was better then learning about when tyenol had a case years ago when people died taking the pills. They had all their pills removed from shelves and could have folded as a company from such an event. Their public relations was incredible though and they turned it around and became the leader with the protective sealant tops to prevent people from opening caps and placing harmful components in bottles.
War: Learning about how media journalists sacrificed their lives to cover events was remarkable. One journalist caught footage and interviewed soldiers right in the heat of battles. He ended up dying as a result of being in such harm as many others did as well. Credit never is given to reporters when it comes to war and media.
Concentration: Small Business
Fin 380: Finance
BUA 380: Small Business Leadership
BUA 383: Small Business Working Relationships
BUA 382: Small Business Sales and Marketing
BUA 381: Accouting and Finance
PSY 494: Workplace Health and Safety
Skills Learned:
Entrepreneural Drive: Many businesses may fail at first but small businesses are a driving force in todays society. I never knew how well they were doing until BUA 380. There are also a lot of grants out there that will help launch a small business.
OSHA Standards: In my workplace health and safety class I learned a lot about regulations in a work environment. If a place isn't a secure work environment then a lawsuit could happen. OSHA is a safety company that harps on and tries to prevent bad work environments from happening. Learning about insurance costs for small businesses was also interesting.
Finance: Out of all my small business classes my finance class taught me the most. There were so many concepts involved in housing, stock market, and all types of insurance that I didn't know much about. Now I feel I understand the stock market better, as well as understanding on how to do amoritazation's for long term loans. This is a class that should be required for any student.

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