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Zack Cimini's Portfolio

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies 402

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The BIS degree is a program designed to tie two disciplines into one major. With a wide variety of concentrations to choose from, the BIS program can help assist many students that do not want a specific degree. As a student in the BIS program you are supposed to take six classes in each concentration to meet the requirements designed. While taking these classes there is also four BIS designed classes as well that help students learn about integrating their two concentrations and interdisciplinary concepts.

The reason why I chose an interdisciplinary major, is that I was struggling to look for a new field of study. After being denied on the first try of an application to the Walter Cronkite school, I figured this would be best to do. It gives the student the freedom of selecting from a vast of career options, and you don’t have to be locked in on a specific pace. I have come to like the way the program is going and think it will continue to grow.

Mass Communication-The area of Mass Communication mainly focuses on media and the consumers. Whether it’s sports, movies, television and the internet, the mass appeal of communication has changed drastically since television and radio were invented. Taking the mass communication classes has given me a better feel of how big of a business and control advertising in the media has on people without them even knowing. Combining these skills with a small business will be vital for success.

Small Business-Small Business helps you learn the ins and outs of business and working in small groups for business related reasons. Learning both ways has helped me a lot. Often times working in certain groups might not seem ideal, but doing business plan projects makes everyone come together. Just learning risk factors and benefits of taking the jump into small business, has made it even more compelling to me. Also Professor Garza has been one of the best professors I have had in college, and puts confidence in his students to do something that is not a set track for life.

I chose to combine these two concentrations because they are the two areas that I think I needed education on to pursue what I want to do after college. I plan on starting a business after college. Knowing how to push your product in the media to appeal to consumers, is exactly the combination I need. Hopefully this will translate to an early head start and success for me.

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